Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

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The weather has been rainy here in Connecticut lately. Rainy weather makes me want to cozy up in sweatshirts and t-shirts. When I dress down I prefer a lighter coverage base product and I decided to try out this Juice Beauty cc cream that I got from the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty event. This product is marketed as a cc cream that has anti-aging properties in it. I am not familiar enough with skin care ingredients to be able to tell you if the ingredients in this product actually will have anti-aging benefits. I am not too familiar with Juice Beauty as a whole but looking at the products offered on Ulta’s website, they seem to specialize in skin care. I have never seen this brand anywhere other than Ulta. This product retails for $39.50 at Ulta. At the moment this product is included in a point multiplier event where you get 5x the points. There are 7 shades total for this product.

This product is marketed as a cc cream with some skin care benefits. My understanding of a cc cream is that they’re not meant to provide high coverage. This product provides at most light coverage. I put on two layers today to see if I could build it up but I couldn’t get any coverage for it. I did notice a nice glowy finish to my skin after I put it on. This product would be ideal for anyone who likes the “clean girl” aesthetic which entails very low coverage base products and glowing skin. This product would also be ideal for a “no makeup, makeup” day because it is very subtle while providing some elevation to the face. If you are someone who likes a medium or full coverage foundation then this product won’t be enough for you. If you are someone who likes a matte finish, this product will be too glowy for you. This product does have a very strong smell. It smelled to me almost like tea tree oil but it is very strong. If you prefer fragrance free products then you won’t like this. I also believe this product is priced a little high for a cc cream that doesn’t provide much coverage. It is possible that the product is priced where it is because of the potential skin care benefits. I am not sure if I still can justify almost $40 for a cc cream. I personally would rather just spend my money on good skin care and not depend on my makeup to provide skin care.

All in all, I would only recommend this if you can get it on a good sale. I think almost $40 is too much to pay for what the product is. I also think that everyone needs a low-key base product for days that you don’t want a full face of makeup but want a little enhancement.

To finish out this look I used the Colourpop Feelin Bubbly palette in the shade so complex on my eyes in the above photo. For a full review of that palette see my post here.

Bible Verse of the Day:

Psalms 51:1

Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness; according unto the multitude of they tender mercies blot out my transgressions.

Verses like this can be so powerful because they remind us of God’s compassion and mercy. One of the tactics the enemy can use is shame and guilt. I would define shame as the act of dwelling on one’s mistakes. Shame is a problem because as long as we are dwelling on our mistakes, we are not allowing ourselves to come to God to experience His mercy and forgiveness. The enemy’s goal in this is to separate us from God. God can and God will use broken people. God can repair any story into something wonderful with purpose. This reminds me of a worship song that we sometimes sing in my church “our sins they are many, but His mercy is more”. Do not believe the lie the world and the enemy tells that there is no hope, because there is ALWAYS hope to be found in Christ. Next time you find yourself in a state of shame, turn to this verse and be reminded of the truth of God’s compassion and mercy.

Until next time,

Samantha XOXO