Colourpop Feelin Bubbly Palette- Pop off

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I am very late to the party when it comes to Colourpop eyeshadow palettes. Colourpop is an affordable brand which makes a variety of eyeshadow palettes in different color stories. Colourpop is sold at Ulta as well as on their website. Their palettes range from $10 – $35 depending on the number of shades in the palette. This palette is $14 at Ulta and you get 9 shades total in the palette.

The feelin bubbly palette is a more neutral color story and is a great every day palette. The color story is meant to mimic that of champagne, hence the champagne theme.

I started with the shade pop off which is the very lightest shimmer shade in the top left hand corner of the palette. This is a very versatile shade. I used it here as a lid shade but you could also use it for your brow bone or inner corner. This shade was very buildable and bendable. I am not a fan of metallic shadows and therefore I prefer shimmers that are able to be built-up rather than metallic on first contact.

The key to a beautiful eye look is to blend the shadows together and avoid harsh lines. These shadows blend beautifully into one another without covering each other up or creating harsh lines. I used the shade bubble up as a transition shade which is a warm brown shade. I used the shade get a grape to add definition to the outer corner of the eye. I love the soft and feminine look it created. This is appropriate for a variety of work environments but also feels soft and feminine.

All in all, this a very beautiful and versatile shade to create an easy everyday look.

Bible verse of the day:

Psalm 118:8

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

This verse to me can be very well summed up in a quote I heard from Sadie Robertson Huff. She said “whoever is on the throne of your life, is going to be the one telling you who you are”. I sincerely hope that is not another human because people change all the time. People change with their emotions and desires but God never changes. He already says that you’re beautiful. Applying this verse makes it easier for me to handle criticism and shake off bad days because no matter what happened or what was said, I know that is not the thing or person that is telling me who I am.

Until next time,

Samantha XOXO


  • Beth Allen

    I enjoyed your blog..you did a great job. I find great comfort in knowing God is the same yesterday, today and always. Nothing in this world stays the same. I listen to my Bible app, read through the Bible in a Year, when I put my makeup on every day

    • sspicer0223

      Thank you Beth. I also have the Bible app which I’ve listened through. Right now I’m doing the Live in Purpose devotional by Sadie Robertson Huff. If you’ve never heard of Sadie, I’d highly recommend her content. She has written a few books and they’re all really good. She’s a christian author and speaker.