Hi! I’m Samantha!

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Hi! My name is Samantha and I am a beauty lover. I decided to create this blog because makeup is something that brings me joy in life. It allows me to be creative and create a feminine touch in a professional life. I am an attorney by trade and I work at Goldberg Segalla where I do workers’ compensation defense work. I live in Connecticut in the USA and I am 34 years old. I am going to be posting reviews for all kinds of makeup products. My goal is to provide valuable information so that you can decide for yourself if the product I am reviewing has a place in your collection and is worth your hard-earned money. I also love yoga, pilates, barre, reading and my Peloton. I have two cats Rylan and Jana (Jana is pictured later). My dress style is fairly casual and laid back. My makeup style is very neutral heavy but feminine.

Now I want to address the elephant in the room- what does Jesus have to do with a makeup blog? I chose to include Jesus and my faith in my content because I believe beauty is a very holistic concept. I believe that two different women can put on the exact same outfit and do their makeup the exact same way and the woman who exhibits more joy, peace, strength, kindness, will be the most beautiful. I feel my content would be incomplete without including Jesus and the Word of God because that is my source of joy, peace, kindness and strength. I have seen a visual difference in pictures of myself before following God and after choosing following God. Therefore, I believe to paint a full picture of beauty, this is necessary. I will have plenty of makeup reviews and direct beauty content but each post will include a bible verse and my thoughts on it. I never want my readers to forget who truly should be telling them who they are. Makeup can bring happiness and joy but it should be not be the only source. I have no intention to preach to or shame anyone. I feel it would be untruthful of me to tell you that you can find peace, lasting joy or strength in any beauty product. I hope you can find some useful information here that will support your makeup hobby and enhance your life.

For reference my skin is fair with neutral undertones and my hair is naturally brown. My dress style is very casual and effortless. I am a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer for the feminine touch it brings to an otherwise effortless style. The only product you won’t see reviewed here is mascara because I don’t wear it. I get lash lifts with tints and that has eliminated the need for mascara.

If you would like to connect on social media I am sspicer0223 on instagram.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy my content.

XOXO Samantha